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Ducatus Merchants

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Going cashless is a movement that has been gaining considerable momentum over the past few years. Secure and borderless, users are free to use alternative forms of payment and lead a cashless lifestyle.

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In support of the cashless movement, we have created Ducatus Merchants. We advocate usability and strongly encourage everyone to incorporate cashless  transactions in day-to-day living.

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We provide the necessary tools so more people can mould their own financial future and create generational wealth. We believe in being inclusive and invite anyone and everyone to be part of this new cashless revolution.

Take your first step as a Ducatus Merchant and welcome the boundless possibilities that await!


People talking about us

We have exceeded our `{`goals for`}` how many people are going to our website, staying on our website and also calling us… We’ve always viewed our relationship with listingpro as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there.

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Benefits Of Being A Ducatus Merchant

Ducatus Merchant Kit

Free with  Purchase of $500 or $1500 Package in the Ducatus Back Office.You may also buy a merchant kit($13) form any of our Merchant Representatives.

Crypto back bonus

By offering discounts to customers who chose to pay with DUC (e.g. Purchases get 15% off), you can be rewarded from 3% up to 8% of Crypto back on your total DUC sales per month, depending on your Merchant category.

Exclusive Directory Listing

Your listing would be seen by the Ducatus community-over 115,000 registered accounts in more than180 countries worldwide.

Advertising Space

You can choose to optimize your listing in the directory or promote your business through our social media and other potential advertising channels.

Not a Ducatus Merchant?

Technology, Community and a New Cashless Economy

We have also developed a group of affiliate businesses that encourages the use of digital money in everyday life.

These Ducatus businesses are the cornerstones of the Ducatus Cashless Economy. From buying an espresso to booking a room at a luxury hotel or buying your dream home, transactions that used to be cash-only can now be completely cashless.

Ducatus & Crypto Currency - Presentation for Ducatus Academy (ENG)-14-01

Ducatus Businesses That Accept DUC



There are over 200 merchants worldwide that are a part of our cashless economy. By being a registered Ducatus Merchant, all our members from all over the world can potentially be your customers.

Check out our growing list of merchants.

About Ducatus

Ducatus was born out of a shared passion – the need for change. Established in December 2016, Ducatus began with the birth of our own cryptocurrency: the Ducatus Coin (DUC). What started as a way to disrupt financial payment transactions has crystallised into an integrated, sustainable framework lending itself to our vision of a cashless economy. Our mission goes beyond just the creation of digital money: it is to develop a framework that allows a digital economy, to not only flourish and grow, but also provide people with the necessary tools so they can mould their own financial future and create generational wealth.

Ours is a mission of true disruption, advanced and supported by a forward-thinking community who shares our vision and appreciates the endless possibilities borne out of a fully cashless economy.

About Ducatus