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About Ducatus Merchants

Going cashless (transacting without the use of paper money) is a movement that has been gaining considerable momentum over the past few years. Secure and borderless, users are free to use alternative forms of payment and lead a cashless lifestyle.

This is why we create Ducatus Merchants. Here at Ducatus, we are advocates of usability and encourage the incorporation of cashless transactions in our day-to-day life. The best part – anyone can be part of the movement. We aim to be inclusive and unique while offering boundless possibilities to all our users.



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Benefits Of Being A Ducatus Merchant


Be an innovative leader in your industry by embracing the latest technology.


Expand your payment methods to accept digital money and cashless payments.


Get your business listed in the Ducatus Merchants Directory, which can be accessed by a growing network of Ducatus coin users from across the Globe.


Expand your consumer base by gaining wide exposure to an uptapped market of cashless users worldwide.


Enjoy many other benefits of being part of the Ducatus Crypto-Economy and network of businesses.

Not a Ducatus Merchant?

Technology, Community and a New Crypto-Economy.

We have also developed a group of affiliate businesses that encourages the use of digital money in everyday life.

These Ducatus businesses are the cornerstones of the Ducatus Crypto-Economy. From buying an espresso to booking a room at a luxury hotel or buying your dream home, transactions that used to be cash-only can now be completely cashless


Ducatus Businesses That Accept DUC


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There are over 200 merchants worldwide that are a part of our cashless economy. By being a registered Ducatus Merchant, all our members from all over the world can potentially be your customers.

Check out our growing list of merchants.

About Ducatus

Established in December 2016, Ducatus is a Fintech conglomerate that champions the new digital economy.  Centurion Global, based in the Cayman Islands, is responsible for the issuance, production and global distribution of Ducatus Coins through the Ducatus Network. Our offices in Dubai and Europe are responsible for affiliate businesses such as franchise, merchant partnerships, health and property, as well as charity projects.  We have a globally distributed management team that provides management and professional support for the whole group.

Open up to Boundless Possibilities with Ducatus!